Blueprint Stats

About the project:
Blueprint Stats has been helping high school basketball teams collect and make sense of statistics since 2017. For the 2019-20 basketball season, we served 20 high school teams in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Colorado, and California. Our fully functional web application allows coaches to upload game film, and allows our statisticians to record statistics that are timestamped to that game film. Once this is complete, coaches and their players can log in and view all of this data in the form of game breakdowns, stat tables, and graphical views like shot charts. Now, I am very excited to embark on a new project, using much of the existing code that powers Blueprint Stats. will be a simpler, lower cost version of Blueprint Stats and will be available for more sports, such as soccer, football, lacrosse, and volleyball. Instead of paying $600-$900 to have one of our statisticians break film down (record stats), users will be able to pay only for their film storage, and record their statistics themselves. Additionally, I am looking to incorporate a public-facing portion of the new application, allowing fans to watch game film, view stats, and even correct statistics that are incorrect.
About me:
I am Hunter Hawley, a junior here at IUB studying Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation from Cloverport, KY. I have a passion for sports and technology, and have been playing and coding for my entire life. I developed the original codebase for Blueprint Stats, and will be playing a role in the development of
What I am looking for:
I am looking for a fellow student with technical skills to help me bring this project to market. I believe that this would be a great opportunity for anyone heading home during these tough times to demonstrate their tenacity. While a passion for and knowledge of sports is a huge plus, I don’t believe it is 100% necessary. I am hoping to learn more technical skills from whoever joins me on this journey, which means I am perfectly fine teaching some sports knowledge along the way.
Why work on this:
We have existing traction in the form of a working MVP, paying customers, and pre-seed venture capital backing. I have been at this for over 3 years now, and know what it takes to succeed in this market.