“The future of online financial research” with Caleb Wilson

Caleb Wilson founder of Eqwire

Written by Shoemaker Scholar Nic Narducci


In one sentence what does your startup do?

Eqwire is an artificially intelligent web platform for conducting research on financial markets, additionally, users can discuss their research through the online community section.


Was there an “aha” moment which prompted you to start your company?

There have been several “aha” moments for me throughout this process. The first moment came in my I201 class when watching a documentary on Boolean logic. The narrator had mentioned how the future of investing is in computers. He went on to talk about how he created an investment model based on Boolean logic. This caught my interest as I had been researching investing strategies and stock market functions since high school. The second “aha” moment came in my programming classes when we would use stock market analysis in examples. This moment prompted me to pursue my company as I realized I was gaining the skills I needed to implement my business. The most recent “aha” moment came to me when I was reading Mark Cuban’s posts on the wall street bets reddit feed. He talked about how the future of retail investing could be platforms for decentralized hedge funds. This moment inspired me to cater my platform to this market.


What resources on IU’s campus have you used?

The past few semesters I have been a client in the Shoebox student incubator. The Shoebox has helped me arrange meetings with industry experts for advice on developing a startup. Being a client in the Shoebox has also provided me with opportunities to learn from other student entrepreneurs. The Shoebox programming and meetings have provided me with entrepreneurial skills and structure for developing the Eqwire platform.


How do you manage your time being both a student and a founder?

I spend the first part of my day attending courses and getting course work done in between class times. Then after my classes are done, I spend the other part of my day researching and developing Eqwire.


Do you have any team members, and if so what roles do they play in your startup?
Currently, I am the only team member working on Eqwire. I spend time researching, planning, and prototyping. I am working on a design prototype for how Eqwire will look and creating code prototypes for Eqwire’s machine learning functions. When scaling the company, I will bring on more team members to manage the business and code functions of the business.  


What would be your biggest piece of advice for someone looking to start a company as a student?

My biggest piece of advice is to go for it and jump in headfirst. If you have an idea, then pursue it. If you wait, then someday you might look back and see someone else implementing your idea and you’ll think “I should’ve done that, that could’ve been me”. Along the way you can learn and develop the skills you need and get help from industry experts and people experienced in entrepreneurship. In business you have to take risks, so don’t be afraid.