Casey Curtis

Email Address:

Major: Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation

Hobbies/interests: Black & White film photography, Horseback Riding, Food, Netflix, Social Media!

Experience: I work for a technology company called BlackLine, and am currently in a Product Management Intern role. I was previously a Business Development and Operations intern and have absolutely loved each minute of my time there. I am also currently growing my own start-up, Elevate, which is a mobile app that allows for residents in a building to track and control elevators from their phone. Think DoubeMaps/Uber for Elevators! 

Campus Involvement: Shoemaker Scholar, Shoebox Innovation Center, ICE Club, Product Management Club

If I could do anything I would… revolutionize hands free technology with Elevate!

Greatest role model: Jenny Ye, Sara Blakely, Therese Tucker

Reach out to me about… anything related to Shoemaker! Or if you are interested in learning more about Elevate 🙂