Emmah Leu: Mauvorney and Foster & Ozzy

Emmah Leu

Name: Emmah Leu

Year/major: Sophomore studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation with a minor in Media & Creative Advertising

Product/service/etc: I currently have a photography and web design company called Mauvorney (my middle name, means “my love”). I have been building websites for a couple of different wellness centers and therapists — those are the main people who have contacted me for website design. I have also done weddings, couples, families, portraits — all different types of photography. 

I am also working on Foster & Ozzy — a women’s wear online boutique. It’ll be launching this summer! We’re targeting college aged up through young adults entering the workforce and need clothes that are comfortable, professional, and cute. 

When did you get started?
Mauvorney started as a fashion blog when I was a freshman in high school, and Foster & Ozzy is something I’ve been working up since last September but really started full force in January.

What is your story?
I got into photography because I really wanted to blog, and realized I needed a camera, tripod, etc.. I started taking photos of my outfits, but then I also wanted friends to show their outfits, so I started taking pictures of them, and eventually their family members. The design aspect of Mauvorney started in 2020 when I made an online magazine, with had a lookbook for and I assembled all of the photography and fashion

I always knew I wanted to have a blog. Doing the magazine last year really prompted me to get into sharing outfits and getting into doing creative photoshoots with people. BUt then this summer, I went through a Roolee fashion contest, I built a platform on in TikTok which really helped. I ended up being a top ten finalist (and youngest among the others!).

What is your favorite failure or most valuable learning experience?
This past summer, I had been told that I was charging too little and upsetting other photographers in my hometown as a result. Photographers definitely get protective over clients and who they photograph, and I just try to make sure I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes. 

What is the best advice you have ever received as an entrepreneur?
The best advice I’ve ever received is to just start now. You don’t have time to waste, and you could spend so many hours trying to make something perfect and exactly how you want it. But if you are always working on preparing it, you are not going to get anywhere. You’ll change your product as it goes, but you just have to launch right away. 

My advice for others is to be confident in yourself, knowing that you do belong. You have a purpose here, and you are here to claim that. I’ve had to accept that for every two people that I can make happy and inspire, there is always going to be maybe one person that doesn’t feel that way. It’s just something you have to accept and move forward with knowing.

What has been the most useful entrepreneurial resource or experience at the university? 
Within IU, definitely the Shoebox. I literally spend half my time there now. Just collaborating with people who aren’t on teh same projects as you, but facing similar challenges, is really nice. 

CEO has also been a huge help to me. I remember when Foster & Ozzy was just an idea to make coffee house books. I went through CEO Consulting, and it really helped get all of my creative juices flowing. I went to them with wanting to separate the two businesses. I met with them on a Monday and the following Monday, they fully presented to me with a slideshow, gave me contact information for people. Anyone is allowed to take advantage of this IU, regardless of whether you are a member of the club or where you may be in the business process. 

What has been the most useful entrepreneurial resource or experience outside the University?
I probably message like three people on LinkedIn every day. I will cold message them just asking for a 10 minute conversation. Any guest speaker that I have, I always reach out to them after to chat with them.

Are you open to connecting with other students if they are interested? Where can people find you?
Yes! Actually looking for some people to possibly join the taem. But also, I just love connecting with other students and entrepreneurs. The best way to contact me would probably be LinkedIn, but I’ll respond on any platform!

Spotlight: Charlie Edmonds

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