“Going on a shopping spree” with Paul Presburg, Cofounder of Boulevard

About Paul

Paul is a senior at Indiana University studying finance and real estate. He is also a co-founder of Boulevard. Boulevard is a mobile application that enables men to shop from leading apparel brands in one app. To date, they have already built over 20+ partnerships with clothing brands that have been featured in Forbes, GQ, and The Wall Street Journal.

Paul, where did you come up with the idea for Boulevard?

My team incubated the idea for Boulevard through undergoing a problem in our own lives. Like many of our friends, we started to care about the clothes we wore and staying up on the trends. After going to shop, we found it so time-consuming that we didn’t end up buying anything. The problem mainly stemmed from how annoying it was to open so many tabs on our laptop, how bad shopping on your phone is, and that no one was catering to the normal guy. Online sites that sold men’s clothes only focused on streetwear, luxury items, or outdoor gear. We needed a place to quickly shop from multiple brands that sell the clothes we actually wear and can afford.

This is why we made it our mission to create the fastest shopping experience for men — enabling them to find clothing from the most on-trend brands at that moment.

Can you provide a little insight into the evolution of Boulevard?

Boulevard started with both men’s and women’s brands. This is when we built partnerships with the Kendal + Kylie brand and Articles of Society, one of Nordstrom’s top-selling brands. After holding customer interviews, we found that men needed our solution much more, as there is no easy to use platform for men to get the clothes they all need — simple button-downs, high-quality sweatshirts, well-cut chinos, and stylish going out shirts.

How did you stay aligned to the mission on the company through the transition?

We stayed close to our consumers. We made sure we were constantly testing new features with our beta users and consistently holding customer interviews. This has also built up a loyal base of consumers for us, which is vital to our success.

Where do you see yourself post-graduation?

We are currently doing test marketing in select cities and will pick a location to move once we know which city we have seen the most success in. Luckily with software, we do not need to be physically close to our consumers, but we would like to since we utilize a great deal of physical marketing and are very interested in knowing our consumers well.

Can you share a little about what resources you leveraged at IU to grow Boulevard and develop yourself on your entrepreneurial journey?

There are many great resources at IU for young entrepreneurs. The resource that has made the greatest impact is the Shoemaker Innovation Center. I have met the most ambitious and intelligent people through this center, which has made a great impact on Boulevard. Also, the faculty in the business school and school of informatics have always been open to provide advice, connect me with people that could help move the company forward, and support me in any way necessary.

How can people stay connected to what you are working on?

Please feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn and sign up for our newsletter on our site (www.1boulevard.com).