What we are

Hyred utilizes skilled, experienced, and hardworking college students to help individuals
complete their to-do list. Hyred allows for manual labor jobs to be accomplished at an affordable
cost while enabling college students to earn spare cash in their free time around classes,
internships, and summer programs.

What we’re looking for

I am looking to connect with individuals at Indiana University, specifically a developer, to work
with me, alongside a white label development team, to create an app platform to expand Hyred.
The developer would be a co-founder.

Why you should join us

Someone should join me in growing Hyred to gain experience and learn how to build a software
platform in a controllable market. Opportunities in the future include traveling around the
country to different college towns working with students to grow the Hyred network.

Why we believe in Hyred

I believe in Hyred because I have seen how many scenarios where I wish I had Hyred to use to be
more efficient in my day. Hyred’s target market, college campuses, is perfect because students
are always busy with endless to-do lists and would take advantage of anything to be more
efficient with their time. On the other hand, students are always looking to make extra cash to

afford the lifestyle of being a college student. Targeting college campuses makes Hyred a very
scalable concept.

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