Posting an opportunity: QuickStart

Are you looking for help on your startup or for someone to collaborate with? You’ve come to the right spot! This post will walk you through best practices to get help on your project. If you have any additional questions after reading, please reach out to us via

Starting out you will need to share the name and “why” of you startup. This is the mission and values you want to infuse in the business you are doing. The importance of sharing your mission is you are able to find people who fit your values to add to your team. This will only help team chemistry and make sure you find people who want to help you succeed because of your values.

Next, you should share the role you are seeking to be filled. This should include the name of the role, compensation(if any), as well as the work that this role would entail.

Finally, you should include you contact information and company logo. Please ensure the company logo is 300x300px as this is the asset standard for StartupIU. The contact information you provide can be an email or phone number and school information is acceptable! Our content management team will reach out to you periodically to get an update on the opportunity you are posting.

With all the information listed above gathered, you need to now send this via our form so we can process and upload to our site. The Shoemaker Scholars exist to help you succeed by connecting you to resources in Bloomington. Please reach out if you need any help or have additional questions!