S. Keim Music

What’s your idea? 

My idea is my own professional portfolio. The cornerstone of this idea is my website, which I am currently developing, but I have occupied every other professional space (Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook). I am looking for someone to help me develop my website, create a logo, and set a base for my online presence. I am a professional musician and will use this website mainly to promote my events and music. I have used WordPress before (see SKeimMusic.com) but am currently working on Webflow to create a more robust site. 

What industry is your idea is based in? 

This idea is in the tech sector, and intersects with the arts world. 

Who are you? 

My name is Solomon Keim. I am a freshman studying jazz saxophone in the Jacobs School and Arts management in the O’Neill school; I have also ventured into graphics design and event management to supplement my career. I am also pursuing a music entrepreneurship certificate and created a plan to have a professional internet presence by the time I graduate from Indiana University. 

What are you looking for? 

I am looking for a web designer/graphics designer that could help me develop my portfolio website and potentially a new logo. 

Why should someone join you? 

I believe someone should join this project because my mission is to “make the world a better place” and I know an internet presence would allow me to cultivate an international audience. I will credit you on my website and connect you with my musical colleagues also looking to create. I am fun to work with and professional due to my musical background and would love to work with you! 

My contact information 

Solomon Keim 



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