Spotlights from 2020 - 2021

Written by Shoemaker Scholar Hunter Hawley

In 2020, the hopes of all students are seen through the lens of a global pandemic. New concerns are on every student’s mind, and rightly so. Still, in this time of uncertainty we are seeing some students double-down on their innovations. I was able to sit down with one such student, Garrett Freeman. Garrett is a senior studying Sports Management and Entrepreneurship while launching his startup, Mixciti.

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Written by Shoemaker Scholar Brady Anderson

About Phoebe Spratt

Phoebe Spratt is a IU Sophmore and computer science major. She is a radio host for the organization WIUX which is a student run program funded by the university. Phoebe’s radio show, “Mood Swings“, includes custom made Indie/Alternative playlists and commentary.

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Written by Shoemaker Scholar Natalia Gala

About Sophia Schmidt

 Sophia Schmidt is the Marketing and Operations lead for Elevate. She is currently a junior studying Marketing and International Business with a minor in Human-Centered Computing. Her startup Elevate is….

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Kyle Zyck is a senior double majoring in Information Systems and Business Analytics. His business, The Planet Now, focuses its efforts on helping companies establish and improve their sustainability practices.

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Year and Major

Wade Fletcher is a sophomore double majoring in Computer Science and Finance. 

What’s your favorite food and why?

Grits, I’m Southern so it’s pretty self-explanatory.  

Tell me about yourself.

I’ve been around entrepreneurship and venture capital for most of my life. It’s weird to say, but frankly, I think I’m built for it haha. Like most seven year old’s, I started a lemonade stand but unlike many kids my age my dad walked through the finances of it. That’s where my entrepreneurship spirit started to take shape. All my life really from then on, I’ve always been doing side projects and “hustling”. A lot of what I do is because I try to be in the right place at the right time and I’m always looking for what to do next.

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Sharod Holmes (left) ; Nick Telman (right)

Written by Shoemaker Scholar Brady Anderson


About Sharod and Nick

Sharod is a recent graduate who graduated last year with majors in Marketing and Sales. Nick is a senior majoring in Marketing. 

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Caleb Wilson founder of Eqwire

Written by Shoemaker Scholar Nic Narducci

In one sentence what does your startup do?

Eqwire is an artificially intelligent web platform for conducting research on financial markets, additionally, users can discuss their research through the online community section.

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Spotlights from 2019 - 2020

Davis Joseph, a 2019–2020 Shoemaker Scholar, spoke with Jack Goldburg depicted to the left.


About Jack

I had the pleasure to meet with Jack Goldburg and learn about his startup Nhance. Jack is a junior studying Informatics with a minor in Human-Centered Computing. He co-founded Nhance with Nick Coppola who is also a junior studying Finance.


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Kacey Wood, a Shoemaker Scholar, sat down with Paco Wong in September to talk about combining entrepreneurship while being an undergraduate student. Read more below!


Upcoming IU Mobile app

Year and Major:

Junior; Marketing, Tech Management, and Informatics

What is your personal story?

Like a lot of IU students, I found out that information in IU is very dispersed and hard to find. For example, I would never know when the dining halls are open unless I go to the RPS website. This was the same for buses, laundry, classes and more. Since I’ve done programming in high school, I decided to start coding an “IU app” as a personal project. When I met with the UX Officer at IU to see where I could get this app to go, he hired me to work for them on the app. Now, I work at the UX Office on multiple projects

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About Paul

Paul is a senior at Indiana University studying finance and real estate. He is also a co-founder of Boulevard. Boulevard is a mobile application that enables men to shop from leading apparel brands in one app. To date, they have already built over 20+ partnerships with clothing brands that have been featured in Forbes, GQ, and The Wall Street Journal.

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What year are you and what are you studying?

I am a junior at Indiana University studying Informatics with a minor focusing on entrepreneurship and small business management.

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Give us your “Twitter bio” or elevator pitch.

Hello, I’m Chaz. I started my own clothing brand called Awful Cloth. What makes my brand different is that we focus on spreading positivity and good vibes through our entirely hand-drawn designs and vibrant colored clothing. Awful is known to mean “bad” but for us, it means “full of awe” and inspiring. We want to inspire others to be themselves no matter what and to look at perspectives differently, even if it means fashion. Stop dressing like everyone else and start looking Awful.

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Interviewed by Jenny Ye, a Shoemaker Scholar

Name: Jorge Obeso

Product/Service: Upparel, Inc (Co-Founder)

Year: Senior

What is your story?

Born in Miami, FL to immigrant parents, my entire life has consisted of finding nontraditional, alternative ways to solve complex problems ingraining an innate penchant for creating something from nothing. This realization came early on, growing up in a scarce household I underwent different conflicts than most. Read More