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Nick Baird: Nick of Time Textbooks

Nick Baird Written by Shoemaker Scholar Nic Narducci Nick Baird is the founder of Nick of Time Textbooks, a business that provides an option for students to sell their used textbooks that is both convenient and fairly priced. Nick is a second year Masters student in O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs studying public policy and community development. What is your story?  I’m a millennial. Our experience of jobs and careers have been bookended

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“Fostering Student Entrepreneurship” with Matthew Joseph

Matthew Joseph Written by Shoemaker Scholar Abigail Wirtz Matthew Joseph is a junior and Entrepreneurship. Additionally he has a minor in corporate innovation, certificate in business as well as a psychology major. Matthew tries to not put himself in a box on what college should look like which allows him to use entrepreneurship as a part of earning his degree. Understanding the psychology behind consumer decisions is a skill that has plenty of applications in

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“Augmenting Social Media” with Eli Serrano

Eli Serrano Written by Shoemaker Scholar Brady Anderson Eli Serrano is a freshmen majoring in Entrepreneurship at Indiana University. His business is called Aura an innovative take on social media which uses augmented reality (AR) to encourage people to explore. He has a long history of entrepreneurship and is very excited about how AR could change social media. What is your story? I am a young Puerto Rican entrepreneur and I have lived all around

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My name is Zack, I’m working on Deemo Games ( I’m trying to fill 2 roles that are really needed. Content Manager/Marketer – Looking for an outgoing,

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Who is Movley? Movley is an IU startup lead by Sajag Agarwal: Movley is a rapidly growing startup helping e-commerce brands and Amazon sellers

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Paco Wong’s vision for IU app

Kacey Wood, a Shoemaker Scholar, sat down with Paco Wong in September to talk about combining entrepreneurship while being an undergraduate student. Read more below! Product/Service/Etc:  

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