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“Giving a platform to Black Creatives” with the Founders of Artis, Sharod Holmes and Nick Telman

Sharod Holmes (left) ; Nick Telman (right)  Written by Shoemaker Scholar Brady Anderson   Year and Major: Sharod is a recent graduate who graduated last year with majors in Marketing and Sales. Nick is a senior majoring in Marketing.    What is your startup’s story?  Artis started back in 2020 in May. We’ve been working on this project for black creatives to create an inclusive space for black creatives. We’ve been doing a lot to

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“Spreading the Wealth” with the Founder of UndercoverVC, Wade Fletcher.

Written by Shoemaker Scholar Davis Joseph 2020-2021   Year and Major Wade Fletcher is a sophomore double majoring in Computer Science and Finance.    What’s your favorite food and why? Grits, I’m Southern so it’s pretty self-explanatory.     Tell me about yourself. I’ve been around entrepreneurship and venture capital for most of my life. It’s weird to say, but frankly, I think I’m built for it haha. Like most seven year old’s, I started a

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“Helping companies go green” with Kyle Zyck, Cofounder and CEO of “The Planet Now”

Written by Shoemaker Scholar Kacey Wood 2020-2021 Bio: Kyle Zyck is a senior double majoring in Information Systems and Business Analytics. His business, The Planet Now, focuses its efforts on helping companies establish and improve their sustainability practices. What is your Personal Story? At a high level, I am currently a business student with an interest in both technology and helping the planet. Growing up, my first love was always basketball. I was lucky enough

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My name is Zack, I’m working on Deemo Games ( I’m trying to fill 2 roles that are really needed. Content Manager/Marketer – Looking for an outgoing,

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Who is Movley? Movley is an IU startup lead by Sajag Agarwal: Movley is a rapidly growing startup helping e-commerce brands and Amazon sellers

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Paco Wong’s vision for IU app

Kacey Wood, a Shoemaker Scholar, sat down with Paco Wong in September to talk about combining entrepreneurship while being an undergraduate student. Read more below! Product/Service/Etc:  

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