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What’s your idea?

TMR Technology provides schools with innovative safety solutions to improve convenience, efficiency, and safety mainly around transportation. TMR Technology’s first solution, Track My Route, is a mobile application that tracks school buses for parents and students grades K-12.

Schools and bus companies who use TMR Technology solutions will show parents that their commitment to providing both safety and convenience for their children is of the utmost importance. With the knowledge of a bus location, our solutions will reduce bus stop wait times and increase efficiency of the bus fleet. Other solutions TMR provides equip schools to use student ridership and monitoring capabilities to improve school safety by giving administrators and law enforcement extra visibility.

What industry is your idea based in?

We are a software company with a focus in the K-12 transportation space.

Who are you? 

TMR Technology believes the school bus transportation industry has been untouched for too long. A group of Indiana University students got together back in 2017 to solve a problem that each one of them faced growing up; the trials and tribulations of taking the school bus.

The 4 students, turned co-founders, bring with a variety of experiences from companies like Slalom Consulting, Fusion Risk Management, Eco-Shield, Pax 8 and more. Three of the co-founders were also collegiate athletes, with two of them participating in Division I athletics here at Indiana University. Within the last year the team has grown by bringing on 11 additional individuals to fill different sales, operations, and marketing positions within TMR. The entire team is governed by a board of advisors that seats 6 individuals who bring 10+ years of experience in; finance, security, and product marketing.

What are you looking for? 

We currently have openings for a variety of different intern/independent contractor roles to help support our business; Marketing Interns, Sales Representatives, Sales Support Intern, Technical Consultants, and Software Developers. All of these roles are meant to be part-time and are paid strictly through commission, knowing that the more someone puts into it, the more they will get out of it. We allow for flexibility to join project teams in order for individuals to get involved with other parts of the organization if they would like. We are looking to bring on individuals who will bring new value to the team and contribute to the culture we are trying to instill.

We are a culture of strong collaboration, fluid and candid communication, a work hard/play hard mindset, innovation and openness, and transparency in what we are doing. We are passionate about what we do and believe that if you love what you’re doing at TMR, it won’t feel like work, and you will excel.

We expect our team to show up, bring fresh ideas to the table, listen to what’s being said (and not said), ask questions, challenge the status quo, thrive in ambiguity, seek and act on feedback from our customers and peers, get work done really quickly and really well, be open and transparent, love to learn, and have fun. We never lose sight of our company’s purpose and reason for being.

For those who prefer everything to be totally buttoned up, enjoy working in a shared office space, like to operate independent of others, want to “stay in their lane” and not get involved in other areas of the business, and are motivated by purely tangible rewards, TMR will not be the right place.

Why should someone join you?

TMR Technology has its Track My Route application running live on the Apple Store as well as Google Play and it is being used by multiple districts in the Chicagoland area. Currently, TMR Technology has raised an initial round of capital for development of our first solution and other foundational needs to get TMR off the ground. The team is taking on additional funding to improve the infrastructure of the company needed to acquire more districts and invest further into our solutions. TMR has also built strategic relationships with nearly a dozen companies across the country including; the largest family owned school bus company in the United States and one of the leading RFID innovators in the world.

3 of our co-founders still live on campus and work out of a homemade incubator that is used to help run TMR while the other is located in Chicago. The homemade incubator is encouraged to be used by others outside of the co-founders as well for meetings with partners, clients, and third parties that are frequent throughout the week.

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